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College of Engineering?
The Gallogly College of Engineering has robust graduate programs that provide hands-on opportunities to solve real-world problems. They are expanding research in digital advanced manufacturing, energy, healthcare technologies, data science and analytics, infrastructure technologies, sensing technologies, and more.

Gallogly’s hands-on, real-world approach to the education experience makes creative problem solving, engineering design, leadership and communications skills all top priorities.

Improve Quality
of Life

OU students are serving the global community, while gaining valuable professional experience and learning how to work in teams. Students are proving that OU engineering graduates are uniquely positioned to navigate the realm of technological possibilities for improving our quality of life.

Researched and Prestigious Faculty

Six engineering faculty members at Gallogly are recent recipients of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, one of the NSF's most prestigious awards.

The Gallogly
Gallogly is educating future engineers who will live, work and impact their communities and enhance lives.

In Their Words

The College of Engineering prepares students to become leaders
The professors are engaging, the course material is challenging, and the class schedule is flexible.
— David Conn,
M.E.S. Hydrology and Water Security 21
Engineering defines our future, enhances our way of life and grows economic opportunity in our state
— Dean John Klier, Ph.D.,
Dean of the Gallogly College of Engineering
Engineer the Future
Engineer the Future

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